Effective classroom teaching skills for secondary school physics teachers

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Maitham Abd Alhussain Hadi, Prof. Muhsen Taher Muslem Al-Mousawi


The aim of the current research is to identify: Teaching classroom skills effectively with physics teachers in the secondary stage and the research identifies the 'class of physics of the secondary stage in the sacred education of Karbala Directorate for the academic year (2020/2021) AD, it was adopted. As for the descriptive approach in the research, the total size of the research sample (150) secondary school physics teachers was chosen, with (75) teachers and (75) female teachers in a simple random way. The researcher prepared a tool to achieve the goal of the research, which is a measure of teaching skills for the classroom effectively, which in its final form consisted of (75) paragraphs distributed into three areas (planning, implementation, evaluation), with no dependence on a study (Mazban, 2018: p. 60). Which identified the skills in three areas (planning, implementation and evaluation) and each domain of a number of sub-skills was verified, from the apparent honesty in building the scale, such as calculating the strength of the discriminatory paragraphs Measurement and correlation coefficients between the degree of the paragraph of the total degree of the scale as well as for the relationship degree of the field in the total degree For the scale and the relationship of the degree of the paragraph to the degree. From the scale field, the value of the scale stability coefficient was also calculated using Cronbach's alpha coefficient, whose value was (0.986). It was applied in the second semester of the year (2020/2021), and the statistical analysis and processing of the data was carried out using Microsoft Excel 2010 and the Social Statistical Science (SPSS) portfolio, where the t-test (single-sample t-test, t-test) was used. Test) t-test for two independent samples, and the Pearson correlation coefficient was reached, and the following results were reached: Secondary school physics teachers possess effective classroom teaching skills in the field. (Planning, Implementation and Evaluation) but not to a large extent and based on the findings the researcher makes a number of recommendations including the need for teachers of Physics training courses to provide them with experience, knowledge and information for effective classroom teaching skills that define the current research. In addition to presenting a set of proposals, including a study on building a classroom training program for physics teachers at the level, according to effective teaching skills.             

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