“He Never Sleeps, The Judge” – Violence And Bloodthirst In Cormac Mccarthy’s Blood Meridian

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M.L. Eileen Brisha, Dr. M. Sagaya Sophia


McCarthy’s Blood Meridian is known for its depiction of extreme violence. The presence of the stunning villain Judge Holden adds a special flavor to the expectations of the audience. He cannot be just ignored as a villain in a way that his views and errands are more than it seems to be which propels his identity from a mere villain to something like a demigod. He challenges anyone he meets with his witty comments and penetrating knowledge that freezes his opponent. By saying so the researcher does not mean that the novel is all his, rather it gives a culpable figure of the judge. The judge shares the pages of the novel with his rival a 14-year-old kid who has a shallow fathom about life but braves the wind of obstacles with his courage and irresistible confidence. This paper focuses on how violence is used in an impeccable way which shows the destruction of the native Indians by the Glanton gang assaulting people and demolishing villages. 

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