Analysis Of The Turn-Out Voter In The Presidential Election And Vice President In 2019 In The Ambon City, Indonesia

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Safrudin Bustam Layn, Rifdan, Andi Ikhsan, Haedar Akib, Fitriyani Manik


Voter Turn-Out In The General Election Of The President And Vice President In 2019, Interesting To Be Studied As "Learning For Elections," Will Come, In 2024. This Research Was Conducted Because Of The High Number Of "White Factions" Or White Group Voters In Some Momentum Elections President-Vice President In Ambon City. This Study Aims To Analyze And Explain: The Causes Of The Decline In Voter Participation Rates In The 2019 Presidential-Vice Presidential Election Compared To The Previous Elections; Factors Influencing Irregularities In Voting Behavior In The 2019 Presidential Election; And Factors Causing The Presence Of Abstentions In Each Election. Data Were Collected Using Techniques, Namely: Questionnaires To 100 Respondents, Interviews With Informants, As Well As Observing And Tracking Related Documents. The Results Of The Study Found That The Factors That Caused The Decline In Voter Participation Rates To Polling Stations Were Personal Considerations Because Elections Were Not So Important For Meeting Their Economic Needs, Lack Of Electoral Socialization, Job Reasons So They Did Not Go To Polling Stations To Vote, And Accessibility Voters To Polling Stations And Rational Calculations Where Income-Generating Activities Are More Important Than To Polling Stations. The Cause Of Irregularities In Voting Behavior Is The Absence Of Candidates Who Have Good Work Programs Or Programs That Are Pro-People And Poor People. There Is A Negative Perception Of Politics Or An Attitude Of Not Wanting To Deal With Politics Because It Considers Politics Rotten. Factors That Cause Voters Who Are WP Are Unpopular/Unknown Candidates, The Absence Of Candidates Who Have Pro-People Work Programs And Side With The Poor, And Candidates Who Are Considered Not To Be In The Community.

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