SPAM: Electronic Advertisement Tool in Information Sector

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Dr. Ruchi Singhal, Dr. Shalu Tandon


Usually, e-mails spammers search for economic income by promoting services and products. Performing mail bombing is neither difficult nor expensive. If appropriately used, internet advertising can be appealing to consumers and cost-effective to advertisers. The purpose of most spam e-mail messages distributed over the Internet today is to entice the recipients into visiting World-Wide sites advertised through spam. E-mail spamming is a campaign that broadcasts in the Information sector at a massive scale and a minimum cost for the advertisers and those advertised.

The characteristics of spam-advertised websites, however, have not been widely examined. This paper will explore the properties of URL dissemination through spam e-mail and how the spammer in the information sector received the e-mail addresses and sends this advertisement to the user. Ultimately, dealing with Internet advertising is like dealing with any other type of advertising is discussed.

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