Casual Structural Model Of Organization Behavioral Factors Effecting Public Service Efficiency Under Mega Cities Administration: A Case Study Of Bangkok Metropolitan Administration Thailand

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Burathep Chokthananukoon , Nopraenue Sajjarax Dhirathiti


This study aims to investigate the effect of Public service motivation, Job satisfaction, Organization engagement, and Organization Citizenship Behavior that affected public service efficiency. A sample of 1,454 respondents from Bangkok government officials. The findings show that causal behavior model had influenced on service effectiveness of local government officials and coincided with the empirical data 2= 129.331, df=106, p=0.06142, 2/df=1.220, CFI=1.00, GFI=0.992, RMSEA=0.012, SRMR=0.013. Organization Citizenship Behavior and Job Satisfaction had direct positive influence on Work Efficiency, which could explain the variances of Work Efficiency 60.7 percent.

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