Problems Of Law And Prosecution Toward Transnational Economic Criminal Organization In Thailand

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Pongpoj Tammakulvich , Dr. Tanyatorn Insorn , Dr. Sunee Kanyajit , Dr. Srisombat Chokprajakchat , Noppawan Unmarerng


The research aimed to study problem in laws and prosecution toward transnational economic criminal organization in Thailand, as well as provide solution. This was a qualitative research that collected data using in-depth interview of 35 key informants selected through purposive sampling and a questionnaire was used to gather information.  The sample group was police officials. The research found that problems in prosecution toward transnational economic crime in Thailand caused by its law, legal enforcement officials and globalization.  Therefore, law needs to reform in order to improve prevention and suppression as well as performance of legal enforcement officials in prosecution of transnational economic crime.

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