Leisure Program On Sports, Physical Education, Recreation, And Arts In Isabela State University System

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Abdul Mufid, Tri Wahyudi Ramdhan, Abd. Gafur, Muhammad Syaikhon, Aan Fardani Ubaidillah, Fika Fitri Asari, Nafiah, Syamsul Ghufron, Sri Hartatik, Supangat, M. Fadholi


The need for physical activities along with sports and Arts activities are increasing with the growing population and the work pressure in different global regions. For getting relieved from this hectic lifestyle. The educational sectors are therefore now evolving various outdoor activities in their instruction system so that faculties and students both can be satisfied from their lifestyles after spending a busy day. In this study, how such activities are playing an important role for making the leisure period effective, has been illustrated. After taking the survey over 379 students and 263 faculties of Isabela State University, the result has been described here to get better understanding. The significance of physical education has been emphasized in this study based on the survey result where respondents have found responses in a positive way to improve health measures.

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