A Conceptual Framework on The Role of Instructional Leadership and Teachers’ Change Readiness in Education

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Nor Azni Abdul Aziz , Soaib Asimiran , Aminuddin Hassan


The School-Based Assessment (SBA) is the recent educational reform being introduced to improve the quality of the education system to international standards. Leadership is essential to the success of any reform effort, according to previous findings. Principals must play a role in school organization as an instructional leader who has a positive effect on preparing teachers for the reform. This concept paper examines the critical role of principals’ instructional leadership in preparing teachers to enact educational reform, specifically the SBA. There is an overview of possible improvements to the SBA. The concept of principals' instructional leadership as well as teachers' readiness for change will also be addressed. The final section of the paper will describe a literature review relating to the impact of principal instructional leadership on readiness for change to provide empirical evidence. This article is intended to add to the body of knowledge in the field of educational administration by adding literature on the role of instructional leadership in school preparation for change.

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