Impact of Social Responsibility on the development of Scientific Research

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Ángela María Herrera Alvarez, Milagritos Yrene Lavado Guzmán, Judith Soledad Yangali Vicente


Scientific research is the pillar of science and therefore the aim of every university, as well as the current university policies contemplate the development of an integral university committed to society, which is why within the quality standards University Social Responsibility (USR) is contemplated. In the research, we analysed the differences in the impact of social responsibility on the development of scientific research in Peruvian universities. Although there are several models and theories, as well as instruments to evaluate USR, the study used the questionnaires of [1]Baca et al (2017). The sample obtained is 108 theses corresponding to the periods 2017 to 2020, the design is non-experimental. The study concludes that there are significant differences between the two universities in terms of linking research with USR, and this may be due to factors related to unconnected policies between faculties.

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