Medical Treatment In Malaysia After Covid-19: Travel Intentions Among Foreign Tourists

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Aziean Jamin , Mohd Hasrul Yushairi Johari , Sharifah Adlina Tuan Sayed Amran


The study sought to ascertain foreign tourists' intent to seek medical treatment in Malaysia following Covid-19. The Theory of Planned Behavior (TPB) model allows for the investigation of foreign tourists' intentions as well as the measurement of tourists' attitudes and feelings toward traveling to Malaysia for medical treatment after Covid-19. The study has implemented a quantitative approach. A survey was carried out on an online platform using Google Forms. The proposed research model is likely to contribute to a better understanding of how these medical tourists express their desire to travel to Malaysia for medical reasons after Covid-19. According to the findings of the analysis, attitude, subjective norm, and perceived behavioral control all significantly reinforce the intention to seek medical treatment in Malaysia after Covid-19. In conclusion, the variables predicted by the TPB model can be viewed as motivators for push and pull, where they can aid in the development of marketing strategies. To attract foreign tourists, marketing practitioners will need to facilitate more inbound medical tourism in Malaysia through advertising and to place more emphasis on specific procedures, preventive methods, and facilities, as well as other promotions that elicit indulgence and confidence.

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