Determinants of female entrepreneurship in e-commerce in a developing country

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Elizabeth Emperatriz García-Salirrosas, Cláudio Luiz Chiusoli, Mitzi Darlene Castro Vargas, Mireya Brigit Parian Gonzales


Entrepreneurial intention is important because it highlights the value and power of the person. In an underdeveloped country like Peru, entrepreneurship has a high level, but the opportunity to start a business is affected by social, cultural and governmental factors. Therefore, the present research aimed to identify the determinants that influence female entrepreneurship with respect to electronic commerce. The study found that for e-commerce entrepreneurs, management skills, e-commerce attitude and motherhood are significant. The results based on the regression analysis suggest that the model fits well as it predicts the value of business intent at 95% with a significance value of 5%. Based on the findings of the study, an evaluation model of the entrepreneurial intention of electronic commerce is developed that includes all the significant variables. This study will help other academics guide their efforts to strengthen the theory about the entrepreneurial intention of women.

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