Detection of Moving Vehicle in Foggy Environment using Google’s Firebase Platform

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Sneha Mishra, Dileep Kumar Yadav, Farah Tabassum, Divyansh Kumar


In the current scenario, the society is looking for various applications, technology upgradations, and the number of real-time video systems. Since last decade, some active around the world and the demand is exponentially needed with upgradation. So, there is a requirement for such application that should run under the cloud environment. So, this research paper presented in good idea and investigated a mechanism for video surveillance that work under cloud environment. Thus, this paper developed a frame difference scheme based on background subtraction for detection of moving vehicles in a foggy environment. Here, input is provided through cloud environment and output is also delivered to the cloud environment. This work is presented in five distinct sections: (i) to compute differences between two adjacent frames. (ii) To change the moving object to grayscale with a threshold and update the background. (iii) To blur and smooth out the edges and remove noise and the threshold is used to avoid unusual false positives. (iv) To apply the morphological operators to improve the quality of evidence, (v) To demonstrate the shape of a moving object. The final outcome depicts the better detection quality of the moving vehicles in foggy environment.

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