Analysis on the Impact of Social Media Advertisement on the Consumer Buying Behaviour of Women for Cosmetic Goods in NCR Region

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Nishtha Dwivedi, Dr.Ramarcha Kumar


Today, advertisements seem to be one of the advertiser’s primary influencers to reach their business sectors' objective. Ads additionally make a whole perspective of the pictures they see in the surrounding to convince the women. Promoting is a type of business correspondence used to support, convince, or control a group of people to make some move to purchase the ideal item on the lookout. The study's main aim is to analyze the impact of social media sites on the consumer buying behaviour of women for cosmetic goods in the NCR region. The research design is used to study the correlation between the cosmetic advertisement and consumer buying behaviour of women as a variable. The data is collected from a primary and secondary source which is used in the study. The study infers the vast majority of the respondents concurred that cosmetic ads impact women consumer buying behaviour and meet the targets set for the study.

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