Factors İmpacting the Uptake of İnnovative Open and Distance Learning (ODL) Programmes in Teacher Education

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Md Arif Uz Zaman, Sharmin Sultana, Valliappan Raju, Md Abdur Rauf


The exponential growth of technology and funding for internet-based digital communication has opened new avenues for teachers and teacher-trainees in distance education. The use of the ODL systems in teachers’ Continuous Professional Development (CPD) is gaining popularity, yet many teachers do not remain active, or they only use the ODL systems for their mandatory teacher education programmes such as Bachelor of Education (B.Ed.) using a second-generation mode of delivery i.e., Correspondence and Multimedia models of ODL in third world countries like Bangladesh. This study aims to uncover the reasons for these two issues by identifying the significant factors influencing teachers’ intention to continue using the ODL systems (continuance intention) as well as their behavioural intention to try new functions of the ODL system. The study finds the gap in current research regarding teachers’ intention to try new ODL functions for CPD to enhance the quality of the ODL systems.

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