The relationship between Chinese literati painting and classical gardens

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Shuang Wang


Chinese literati painting and classical garden are both a unique art form. They are an important part of Chinese traditional culture and contain rich cultural heritage. In the development of Chinese landscape painting, they have a profound impact on classical garden. In the setting of classical garden, elements of Chinese landscape painting can be seen everywhere. This paper analyzes the historical origin of Chinese landscape painting and classical garden, and summarizes the application of Chinese landscape painting elements in classical garden. This paper analyzes and compares the literati paintings and existing gardens of song, yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is an effective way to study the development of contemporary garden from the perspective of traditional literati painting. Starting from the literati painting, this paper systematically studies the relationship between Chinese classical garden and Chinese literati painting, reveals their spiritual consistency, and embodies the same root, the same origin, the inclusiveness, the universality and the comprehensiveness. The recognition of excellent traditional culture is conducive to the perfect combination of traditional literati painting and landscape architecture in the new period.

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