Conversion, Simulation, and Engine Testing of a Single Cylinder Port-fuel Injected (PFI) Atkinson Cycle Engine Based on an Otto Cycle Engine

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Jose Luis L. Villalon


Downsized ICEs have been widely used for various applications worldwide. One of the feasible methods in improving engine efficiency and consumption is applying an Atkinson cycle engine. This research aimed to convert a single-cylinder Otto cycle engine that will accomplish an Atkinson cycle effect by modifying the intake cam timing and compression ratio. A wheel dynamometer was built to analyze the engine's baseline performance and behavior. The engine modification underwent a two-part CFD-1D simulation with a GA optimization strategy to obtain baseline performance and design improvements. It was found that the engine modification with the optimized fuel mapping significantly reduced the average BSFC by 36.07% at 3000rpm range, 8.58% decrease at 5000rpm range, and 14.9% decrease at 8000rpm range. The corresponding engine power resulted in a 68.93% increase at the 3000rpm range, 1.76% decrease at the 5000rpm range, and 3.49% decrease at the 8000rpm range.

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