A Survey on Analyzing Treatments in Healthcare Workflow

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S.Yamuna Rani, Dr.Sumagna Patnaik


Workflow technology has expanded substantially into the healthcare industry over the last year. Hospitals are embracing this technology as a means to improve operational efficiency, achieve patient safety goals, and positively influence the quality of care. Healthcare Workflow analysis identifies areas for improvement, such as redundant tasks or processes, bottlenecks, lack of efficiency or conformity with best practice. There are limited resources in healthcare workflow analysis modelling and analysis. In this paper we present brief literature review for treatment analysis in healthcare workflow under various scenario including Pandemic Covid -19 situation, Internet of things (IoT) assisted healthcare workflow monitoring, management of unintended situation in workflow, TMS workflow analysis. We further explore various workflow modelling techniques including Petri Net modelling for healthcare workflow analysis. Finally, we discuss some open challenge and future work in this direction.

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