Impact Of Covid-19 On Purchase Behaviour Of Gen X Consumers In India

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Dr.B.S.Cathrine Arockiya Mary, Dr. P. S. Deepa, Dr. A.G. Vijayanarayanan


The spread of COVID-19 in 2020 has brought changes worldwide in every aspect of our life. Consumer purchase behavior is no exception from it. With the ongoing lockdowns and restricted business hours, online platforms for purchasing have become a boon to the consumers. Millennials and Gen Z are already a stakeholder of online platforms, as they have grown up with technology. But the situation has forced Gen X consumers to involve in online purchase though were considered as laggards as far as adoption to technology is concerned. This is an empirical study which tries to throw some light on changing consumer behavior of Gen X towards online purchase in India as it is a real challenge where the literacy rate and penetration of technology is less. This study also tries to identify some factors which could make online retailing more successful.

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