Level of Mindfulness among staff of Family Reform and Reconciliation Offices and Its Relationship to Their Quality of Life

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Shooroq Mohammed Maberah


The study aimed to identify the level ofMindfulness and the quality of life and the relationship between them among the staff in the family reform and reconciliation offices of the Supreme Judge Department in Jordan, on a sample consisted of (174) staff working in the family reform and reconciliation offices.To achieve the purpose of the study, two valid and reliable scales were developed, namely:Mindfulness Scale and Quality of life scale.The results indicated that the level ofmindfulness on the overall score and the domains was average and that the level of quality of life and its quality on the overall degree was high, and the average for the two areas the quality of healthy life and the quality of psychological life. The results also indicated that there was a strong positive statistical relationship between the level ofmindfulness in its dimensions, and the quality of life and all its dimensions. The study concluded a set of recommendations, the most important of which were: the necessity to include in universities majors that serve this profession, prepare specialized professionals, and hold training courses and workshops specialized in mindfulness skills for the category of employees in family reform and reconciliation offices.


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