An efficient novel approach based channel estimation and equalization scheme forhigh data rate FBMC/OQAM in 5G wireless channel

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K.Stella, T.R.Dinesh Kumar , M.Akshaya, .J.Evanchilin , G.Jayaaarthi


This work aims at giving an insight into FBMC OQAM design for intrinsic interference reduction with improved spectral characteristics and maximal likelihood (ML) detector systems—its performance, co-channel interference (CCI) avoidance, and complexity reduction techniques related issues. Initially, performance metrics of FBMC QAM are analyzed with the CP-OFDM system to validate quality metrics. The quality trade-off measures over modulation order and BER performance of CP-OFDM and FBMC/QAM transmitting over selective fading channels are investigated and compared with simulation results. The simulation results show that the proposed FBMC QAM system outperforms conventional FBMC systems. Besides, it greatly reduces the performance penalty gap to OFDM, making this proposed FBMC QAM system attractive from both BER performance and implementation. Final at the downlink side, sub-detector enabled signal detection is accomplished using threshold driven statistical measures which precisely reduce the complexity trade off measure of ML detector over modulation order. Here BER performance metrics of the proposed FBMC framework were done with MATLAB simulation environments and its efficiency is proved through analyzes.

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