Data Finder: Image Processing Using Python.

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Dr.V. Dhanakoti, J. Chandru, Dr.B. Muthu Senthil


The growth of technology and its improvement is evaluating year by year. As a part of today technology, especially Digital image processing designed especially for study of theories, models and algorithms especially for the manipulation of various dimension of images (usually by computer). It dives into various categories which is related to image processing such as digitization, histogram manipulation, and compression. By this giant development in the technology which has made a great impact to transform from normal world to the full automated world. This paper also describes about the one of the automations carried out through Humans. According to the reports of “Human IQ” in 2019 it states that the 65% of humans has low IQ. In order to manage the data, Image processing of the particular human body parts visualized with the personal data stored in the particular part. Python is the most usable and popular language in the field of Image processing. The Data Finder is developed with the Python Language for instant and efficient display of its detection.

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