Dynamic Performance Improvement of Three Phase Asynchronous Motor using Ultra Capacitor fed DC motor Backup

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Srinivasa Rao Jalluri , M.Ranjit , V.Ramesh Babu, Somagaini Suman


This paper proposes a control strategy which can enhance the dynamic performance and stability of a three phase asynchronous motor under certain transitory conditions like overloading. A DC motor is mechanically coupled to the shaft of Asynchronous Motor to improve the dynamic performance. An Ultra- capacitor supplies energy to DC motor at very high rate through an electro-chemical battery, DC-DC converter and a PID controller to sustain the speed. The high specific power rating of ultra-capacitors is exploited in this proposed strategy to increase the transient stability. The entire system is simulated in Simulink environment and results are presented to study its dynamic performance.

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