PV System Fed Bidirectional Converter using Fuzzy with PID Controller for Electric Vehicles

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Dr Gundala Srinivasa Rao, Dr M Vijayasanthi


The charging of electric vehicles (EV) is widely high demand in using the renewable photovoltaic system. This paper proposes, the power is fed to the electric vehicles battery from the PV system using the control method of fuzzy with PID controller. Bidirectional converter is proposed to convert the power from the solar energy generation plant to electric vehicle energy storage battery system for the purpose of both charging and discharging power flow. The converter response is controlled using fuzzy with PID controller and the operation of the bidirectional converter is working in both forward and reverse direction. The voltage boosting ratio and buck voltage ratio are high which improves the system stability. The battery storage system is used for enhancing the satisfaction of electric vehicle charging demand while the variable conditions in PV system such as whether conditions, low irradiances and night time etc. Simulink results are obtained and verified in MATLAB/Simulink.

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