Security Issue & Challenges In Cloud Computing

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Shabina. G. Sayyed, Tarannum. J. Sayyed, Sunita V. Mane, Archana N. Ulmek


Cloud Computing Is A New Computing Method That Is Gaining Traction In The Field Of Computer Science. Cloud Computing Is A Kind Of Computing Based On The Internet And Represents The Next Stage Of The Internet's Development. Although It Has Garnered Much Attention In Recent Years, Security Concerns Are A Key Impediment To Cloud Computing Development. It Moves User Data And Application Software To Distant Data Centres, I.E., The Cloud, Over Which The User Has No Control And Where Data Management May Be Less Secure. However, This Unique Characteristic Of Cloud Computing Presents A Slew Of Security Concerns That Must Be Addressed And Properly Understood. This Expansion Of The Cloud Computing Ecosystem Imposes Additional Security Problems On Cloud Developers. Additionally, The Article Covers Current Cloud Security Methods And Approaches. This Article Will Educate Academics And Professionals On Various Security Risks And The Models And Methods To Address Them.


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