The level of application of admission criteria for postgraduate students specializing in teaching methods in Iraqi universities

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Jumaa Sarhan Muttar, Dr. Khaled Rahi Hadi Al-Fatlawi


Enrolling in graduate studies is the best haven for students who seek to increase their scientific and professional development, as some students have a desire to continue their academic path in order to obtain a scientific degree such as a master’s and doctorate diploma, and what applies to the teaching profession also applies to most other professions whose owners wish to raise their competencies and scientific capabilities by seeing the latest findings of scientific research within their specialized field, as well as for obtaining various scientific degrees. And that the failure of higher education institutions to choose the scientific and mental qualifications of their students to join the postgraduate program, especially in the specialization of teaching methods, leads them to keep pace with regressive scientific backwardness, instead of keeping pace with scientific progress based on the foundations of comprehensive quality standards, this requires universities, especially Iraqi universities, to submit their educational systems in the field of postgraduate management to continuous updating that is in line with international academic accreditation standards.

In order to find out the extent to which the criteria for accepting students are applied in graduate programs specializing in teaching methods, the researcher set two aims:

  1. The extent of applying the criteria for student admission to the postgraduate programs of Iraqi universities "Teaching Methods specialization" in the colleges of the educational group from the point of view of the college members.

  2. The extent to which students’ acceptance criteria are applied in the postgraduate programs of Iraqi universities "Teaching Methods specialization" in the educational group’s colleges from the viewpoint of the college members according to the gender variable (males - females).

In order to achieve the objectives of the research, the researcher adopted the Iraqi standards of the Ministry of Higher Education related to the admission of students within the graduate studies program in the specialization of teaching methods, as he formulated (72) items divided into (5) fields, the researcher also pulled a sample of university teachers from the teaching methods specialization to answer the items of the tool, their number reached (300) teaching and teaching, and the researcher resorted to achieving the psychometric properties of the research tool from the validity and reliability coefficients. After analyzing the answers of the sample members, the results of the research revealed the following:

  1. The research sample applies the Iraqi academic accreditation standards for the graduate admission program, specializing in teaching methods.

  2. There is no effect of gender in the application of the Iraqi accreditation standards for graduate admission programs specializing in teaching methods from the viewpoint of university teachers.

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