A Study on Potential Challenges on the Educational System During COVID-19

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Marlisa Abdul Rahim, Dr. Ahmad Firdhaus Arham, Ujjwal Chugh, Prof (Dr) Namita Dixit, Sanjana Agarwal


Humans are in the middle of a massive academic dilemma, which may be one of the biggest dangers to the world learning in our generation. The COVID-19 outbreak has forced billions of children and adolescents out of education in 160 nations as of March 28, 2020. This equates to almost 80percent of the globe's registered pupils. We were already in the midst of a worldwide education disaster, with many kids attending school but failing to acquire the basic required skills for success in life. Before the pandemic, the World Bank's Learning Poverty index showed the percentage of students who cannot spell and comprehend at the age of ten – was at 53percent of kids from developing or underdeveloped nations. If we do not take action, the outbreak can exacerbate these consequences much further. In this study, the author will discuss challenges faced by teachers and students in this COVID-19 period and what could be a possible way-out for that.

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