Dimensions And Postulates Of Legal Politics Overlanding And Land Use To Encourage The Acceleration Of The Community's Economic Growth As Implement Management Ownership Functions

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This research aim to know the Dimension and Postulate of Legal Politics on Control and Utilization of Neglected Land to Promote the Acceleration of Population Economic Growth in the District of East Bintan-Bintan Regency, Indonesia. Regarding methodology this type is the writing of normative law and is supported by sociological empirical, and by using Jeremy Bentham's theory, namely the theory of happiness (utilitarianism). The results of the analysis, for the effectiveness of the implementation, must be supported by the legal arrangements in the form of the Bintan Regency Regional Regulation (Perda) on the control and utilization of abandoned land and the implementation has not been carried out properly, because there are resistance from abandoned land rights holders, especially in the District of East Bintan. To carry out the control and utilization of abandoned land, it is recommended to apply Jeremy Bentham's theory, and the application of legal political dimensions and postulates based on: -the whole values ​​of Pancasila as the Indonesian National Foundation (philosophy of paradigm); the nature of the 1945 Constitution of the Republic of Indonesia (constitutional of paradigm); and Indonesia is a legal state (yuridical of paradigm), in order to realize and simultaneously encourage the acceleration of popular economic growth in the District of East Bintan-Bintan Regency.

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