Casting Of Caste In Amish Tripathi’s Shiva Trilogy

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Gowthami K


Amish Tripathi, the author of Shiva Trilogy has raked the Indian consciousness in the present day youth. Aping the western culture has become the trend. But, Amish with his writings, makes the young Indian minds to take a (yo)u turn, in order to behold the richness that our ancestors hold. Amish made his debut with Shiva Trilogy, releasing The Immortals of Meluha in 2010, The Secret of the Nagas in 2012 and The Oath of the Vayuputras in 2013. His motive is not just to instil Indianness, but also to correct certain practices which are actually altered and adulterated in modern days. The unparalleled feel, of being an heir of such a prestigious pioneers, is derived on reading his work. This research article is an attempt to read the perspective in which the author of this trilogy has pictured the otherwise much misconceived caste system of India. ‘Hail our Tradition’ is the motto of Amish.

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