Consumer Buying Behaviour on Organic Foods in Tirupathi, Chittoor district,Andhra Pradesh State, India

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S. Sreedevi, Dr. Jasti Katyayani


Now a day’s the trend shifted to conventional to organic most of the consumers are giving importance to Organic foods compare to the conventional foods. Every human-being run with technology for better life style. Food is the basic need of every living organism. In olden days we are using traditional methods to produce the food items and using natural fertilisers but now a days due to environmental changes the farmers are using chemicals to produce more quantity of crop output with this all the human beings facing so many health issues as well as it causes for environmental sustainability. Due to lack of time to cook they are going and purchasing readily available packaged food. The population is increased over the period of time the producers are also using chemicals and fertilisers to yield more crops to meet the demand of supply with this the consumers facing lot of health issues. At present days, the consumers required of healthy food are increased comparing to the last decade. In this research paper, the Researcher made an attempt to know the consumers opinion on Organic foods in Tirupathi Chittor district. For this purpose, first hand information was collected from 100 sample respondents and the collected data was analysed with the help of stastical tool such as Chi-Square.

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