What Brought Geopolitics in European Union (EU) Policies: A Study in the Perspective of US-China Rivalry

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Sreenivas A V


European Union (EU) is a common governance system for a group of 27 European Nations with a common democratic policy applicable for all its members. EU began its operation to bring back stability, peace and monetary prospects for the war suffering member countries. To attain this purpose, it adopted liberal and rule based multilateral treaties for including members/partners and work in an integrated, peaceful, healthy competitive environment. There, it stayed away from international geopolitics building a cooperative set up among its members and partners. This, although began in ambitious notes started showing serious troubles through a number of shortcomings present in EU laws that were ignored. In current scenario of last two decades, EU has developed considerable risks of business policies as well as the value of its political voice from two of its major partners – United States of America (USA) and China, leaders in World Economy. To make itself compatible, safe and sufficient, there is serious need of reforms that should be made in European Union norms to gain competitive advantage and scope of emerging as a World Power. In this paper on US -China Economic rivalry and EU geopolitics, we have collected those significant reasons that are hampering European Union in coming to an equal position with its external partners, USA and China and raise its political opinions without any dependency. Our research includes, fact study and predictive analysis done on relevant records and data related with our research objective that have helped us in getting conclusion on EU's future, growth opportunities and probable difficulties.


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