Utilization of Idle Funds in Islamic Monetary Policy Perspective: Literature Study

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Andri Soemitra, Rifki Ismal, Selfi Afriani Gultom, Dalmaisyah Gea, Fakrurradhi


This study aims to examine how the central bank's monetary policy utilizes idle funds. The task of the Central Bank to maintain monetary stability can be carried out through open market operations. Funds stored in the Central Bank in the form of Statutory Reserves cannot be fully utilized because the Central Bank is not allowed to carry out business activities. Islam provides a way for the benefit of everyone so that there is always a way out in economic activities in monetary policy. Economists have conducted various studies that there are instruments and contracts that can be carried out by the central bank to continue to utilize idle funds. This article is descriptive qualitative research by analyzing previous studies from journals of various countries. This article compares and discusses the monetary policy of Islamic banks in utilizing idle funds. The central bank can issue a central bank certificate in accordance with sharia which has underlying asset and project. The underlying project must be transparent and accountable so that it truly provides benefits for all parties. This not only maintains monetary stability but also provides an increase in economic life and benefits for the community.

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