The Effects of Production, Prices and International Trade on The Europe’s Export Volume

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Azhar Maksum, Arifin Lubis, Marhayanie, Namira Clarissa Putri, Iskandar Muda, Ibnu Austrindanney Sina Azhar


This research examines about the EU’s export volume. The issues that will be discussed is about the variables that influence the export volume in 2017-2019. The purpose of this study is to prove influence of Production, Price, and International Trade on The export volume. To analyze and prove the hypothesis an empirical test was carried out in the formof Q Square Prediction with Smart PLS 3.0. on the magnitude of the influence of the export volume. The method used in data collection is combination of secondary data derived from EU’s database. The method used to analyzed is the time series data method. Based on the results of the hypothesis testing, the significant of Production (X1) is 0.1911 >0.05, the significant of Price (X2) is 0.7300 >0.05, the significant of International Trade (X3) is 0.6555 >0.05, which means Production, Price and the International Trade has affects on the Export Volume.

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