The Impact Of E-HRM On Employee Productivity - Mediating Role Of Innovation

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Abedallah Farouq Farhan, Yashar Salamzadeh, Christopher Richardson


This research aims to explore the mediating role of innovation and moderating role of organizational climate in the relationship between e-HRM and employee productivity. Testing this relationship in Emirati context is considered as a great importance topic since it was confirmed that organizations are required to implement the innovation in order to upgrade the productivity level of their employees.

A survey using a structured questionnaire is conducted with 58 employees in the organizations in United Arab Emirates (UAE) and statistical analysis is conducted to investigate the relationships between the variables.

This research found that e-HRM positively impacts the employee productivity and organizational climate moderates this relationship while no mediating role of innovation has been confirmed. The efforts to innovatively design e-HRM services and features should be thus kept to the minimum since innovation was not found to affect the way e-HRM affect employee productivity.

The research proposed a set of recommendations built around the inter-relationships of the variables in the organizations in UAE which have previously been investigated extensively and guide the organizations on implementing the e-HRM with the aim of increasing employee productivity.

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