Experimental Study of Pressure Distribution of NACA4412 Airfoil with Square Dimbles

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Balaji G,Giftson A, Macha Bhanu Charan, Nisha M


A wind tunnel is an excellent tool used in aerodynamics analysis to investigate the flow over the solid body. The ultimate objectives of the work are to investigate the pressure distributions of the airfoil profile blade under various operating conditions with and without Square dimples. Pressure distributions are investigated on the NACA4412 airfoil blade in the Low-speed suction type subsonic wind tunnel. The 26 pressure port is made at different x/c locations on the upper and lower surface of the blade and the 2D effect is considered in this study. Pressure measurement is done using a multi-tube manometer and pitot-static tube. Dimples are formed throughout the wing which is located at 25% of the Chord from the leading edge of the blade. The main aim of the investigation primarily focuses on the pressure distribution of NACA 4412 airfoil at a low Reynolds number. In this research, the effect of pressure distribution was investigated on the blade concerning two different velocity 10 m/s and 12 m/s, various angles of attack(AOA), and Square dimples further it is found that pressure distribution drastically varies over blade due to dimples and also spanwise flow distribution.

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