Parent Management Training for Conduct Disorder - A Study with Special Reference to Habitual Offenders in Tirunelveli, Tamilnadu, India

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V. Irudayarani, Dr. B. Selvaraj


            This paper presents the scope of Parent Management Training (PMT) as an effective intervention technique. One of the most predominant problems faced by majority of the habitual offenders is conduct disorder. PMT is given in order to modify the Behavior of offenders with conduct disorder. PMT facilitates Behavior modification among offenders and their parents. PMT is a psychological treatment that teaches parents to handle destructive actions of their children. PMT's goals are to strengthen parental competence in coping with behavioral issues and to improve the adaptive Behavior. A total of 30 samples were selected from Tirunelveli, Tamil nadu, India for the purpose of the study. Experimental research design has been employed for the purpose of the present study. Standardized instruments of (Gibbs, Barriga & Potter, 2001) and (Frick, 1991) has been utilized in the present study for the assessment of the phenomenon in detail.  It is clearly evident that there is a behavioral change in offenders after implementing this intervention. Hence PMT can definitely be considered as one of the most promising intervention techniques in modifying the behavior of habitual offenders. Awareness must be created towards utilization of this intervention technique to mould the offenders and to make them meaningful citizens in the society.

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