Enhancing Heat-Electrical transfer properties of Polyvinyl Glycol Using Carbon Nanotube

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Meena Kumari, Kulvinder Singh, Sunil Chaudhary, Kusum Rani, Nidhi


Carbonnanotubes (CNTs) suspended in polyvinyl glycol were synthesized and their thermal or electrical conductivity enhancement rate were investigated. Polyvinyl alcohols/CNT based nan fluids have been synthesized by dispersing nan composites ofPolyvinyl alcohol/CNT in distilled water without any surfactant.The results showed that well-dispersed Polyvinyl alcohols/CNTs nan fluids with varying concentration of Polyvinyl alcohol/CNT can be synthesized using the present method.The effective thermal and electrical conductivity of CNT/water and polyvinyl alcohol is measured with different concentration and temperatures (30–50 °C). Dispersed CNT was found to enhance thermal and electrical conductivities of base liquid. Howeverthe ratios of thermal conductivities for various concentration of CNT were to have marginal difference where electrical conductivity show appreciable variations. Polyvinyl alcohol based coolants were found to show high thermal and electrical conductivity in comparison to coolants without Polyvinyl alcohol based coolants. Variation of electrical and thermal conductivities were explained on the bases of molecular interactions between constituent materials. The proposed explanationagree quite well with the experimental data.

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