Online Education: Struggles, Challenges and Practical Suggestions. A Case Study of Female EFL Students in Government Girls Colleges Hyderabad.

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Kainat Nizamani, Shabana Sartaj, Shazia Mohiuddin, Rashid Ali Chandio


The current study aims at looking that what challenges and struggles female students face in EFL online education in Hyderabad girls colleges. To carry out this study, the researcher selected the 60 female students from four different government girls colleges of Hyderabad and 15 students from each college plus 8 female teachers were selected for the interviews. As, it is obvious fact that from last years, COVID-19 has demolished each and everything in the world including damaging the natural process of teaching and learning and posing this problem, education across the globe has shifted from offline to online system. This study has also been taken in that context. However, this study was the mixed method in nature. For quantitative part, 20 close-ended questions were asked from respondents by using Likert Scale. For doing analysis of quantitative part of the data, SPPS 26 version software has been utilized in which descriptive statistics has been done The study concluded that female students who study in the government colleges of Hyderabad face lot of challenges and struggles too much; challenges such as, electricity issue, internet connection challenge, availability of the basic sources like gadgets, but some positives have also been noted in the findings like learners sense of attachment with online education, increasing interest towards the online tools, family’s support, teachers serious role of providing and facilitating the learners as much as they can and so on. The researcher has some suggestions to the other scholars to look at online education from all angles by doing their more research on such topics because ground is much available and open to carry out research studies like these in their own respective context.

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