A Study on Change in Consumers Brand Preference with Respect to Consumer Durable Goods

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Dr. G. Kavitha, P. Keerthika


The markets in India today are swamped with a extensive range of competitive products and offers, range of consumer attitudes and preferences, increase of brands. Leisure time and luxury markets have explosion in the new millennium. Modern lifestyle changes and shifts in psychographic inclination have resulted in demand for novel and innovative range of branded products and services. In such a condition understanding consumer behavior has become more composite for marketing mix, segmentation and to expand new dimensions in consumer orientation in a changing environment. Brand preferences are frequently studied by attempt to study and identify the loyal consumers. This paper presents a study of reason for change in brand preferences. The study considered 500 respondents from Coimbatore city, Tamil Nadu, India. Systematic sampling method has been used to select the sample and questionnaire is used to collect the data. The study found that the consumers are ready to change their brand preference. The main reason for change in brand preference is sales offers and discounts provided by the manufacturers. It is suggested that the manufacturers and marketers should concentrate and predict the consumers mind to retain their brand image.

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