A Study on Work Life Balance of It Employees during COVID 19

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Dr. R. Punitha, M. Varna Priya


Covid 19 is the worst scenario that world have never faced in the last 10 years and the present situation is impacting the work life balance and mental stability of the employees working in various sectors. Though the employees working with other manufacturing sectors had a break, but the employees working IT sector had a continuous workload by working at home.The main objective of the study is to analyze the factors that influence Work-Life Balance and its Outcomes and to analyze the Work-Life Balance among the Employees across their demographic characteristics in the pandemic lockdown. For this purpose a sample of 150 was collected form employees of the company and statistical tools were used to analyse the data and the conclusion is that the company should take care of employees work load to balance the work life. Organization should consider every individual is unique and precious and should give time for their own personal needs in the pandemic lockdown. Increment should be given to the employees for balancing their work life. The organization should increase work life balance programs to reduce company work conflict in the pandemic lockdown.

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