Exploring Tea Tourism Potentials in Wayanad: Issues & Challenges

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Dr. Shwetasaibal Samanta Sahoo, Mr. Mukunda B. G., Ms. Mousime Xalxo, Dr. Ravish Mathew


Now a days nature-based tourism is gaining momentum in India and has become an important source of livelihood for many local communities. Tea tourism is a form of nature-based tourism. The importance of tea tourism in India is immense as it has a dual impact by creating a tea tourism market and providing a source of income for the local community. Wayanad, the green paradise nestled among the mountains of Western Ghats is a rural district of Kerala state which have the potential to become a popular tea tourism destination in Southern India. Therefore, a strategic developmentapproach is required for making tea tourism more attractive by addressing the current issues, challenges, and opportunities to promote tea tourism in Wayanad District. Through the public-private partnership, tea tourism should be included in the mainstream tour packages, and local tea customs can be conveyed through a variety of activities promoting sightseeing and other forms of entertainment to offer quality tourism experiences of the tea tourists. The study aims to develop a suitable approach for promotion of tea tourism in Wayanad as a tourism destination by identifying the potentialities of that area. To substantiate the research findings the study has employed both qualitative and quantitative research approach with analysis of both primary and secondary data.

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