A Study on Psychological Trauma among the Women Workers of Garment Industryin Tirupur District, Tamilnadu, India

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Dr. S. Parvin Banu, Dr. G. Ravikumar


Stress, according to the Oxford dictionary is “a demand upon physical or mental energy”. Stress has a different meaning for different people under different situation. Stress in a person is a physical and emotional response to a particular event or situation in a life. Therefore a stressed woman’s responses to the situations either in family or in a work environment will definitely affect the overall growth of both the sectors. The scenario is even worse in the life of College girls who do multiple tasking of earning, studying and looking after home simultaneously. A questionnaire containing four parts under common headings such as personal details, work-life balance, work environment and stress management has been designed to extract the responses from the working women and the findings are discussed in the form of tabulations and figures. This paper tries to come out with the suggestions to improve the quality and standard of stress-prone working women.

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