Health Conditions in Al-Khidr Sub-District Until 1968

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Abrar Hamed Thamer , Miteb Khalaf Jaber Al-Rishawi


Throughout the Ottoman rule, the residents of Al-Khidr sub-district suffered from the deterioration of health conditions in the sub-district and the weakness of the health services provided due to the lack of financial allocations, as well as the exacerbation of social dilemmas, especially ignorance and poverty, which prompted the majority of the children of Al-Khidr to resort to folk medicine to treat the diseases they were suffering from. This led to the spread of many diseases among the population, and as a result of the continuous demand by the officials and the people of the sub-district to improve the health reality, a remarkable development occurred, especially during the royal era as a result of the government’s interest in establishing a clinic in the sub-district to provide the best medical and treatment services to the people of Al- Khidr community, as well as to Filling with ponds and swamps that transmit diseases.

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