The Connotations of Fire for Arabs before Islam. In the book Sobh Al-Asha in Writing Ansha For Abi Abbas Al-Qalqashandi Historical Study

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Nidaa Khudair Jabr Al-Tamimi , Shaker Majid Kazem


In this article, we discuss the connotations of fire among the Arabs before Islam, which was mentioned in the book Subh al-Asha, with a simplified explanation of each type. Likewise, if they expect an army to kindle a fire on their mountain, so that the news will reach their friends, until they include it in their parables: the fire of war is even hotter, and their descriptions of war came to compare it to the redness of fire, and they often use redness to indicate the intensity of their kindness to war, as wars were considered by the Arabs before Islam as an obsession. The individual is required most of his time, and the Arabs used fire as an important and effective means of media during the days of their wars. Fire was the most accessible and easy of media, the most informative and effective, and the fastest to reach among their tribes scattered in the vicinity of the island and its vast deserts, and usually crosses the conclusion of fire among the Arabs before Islam that were produced by their wars. Before Islam, it was their kindling to the fire of war, marking the start of it and surprising the enemy.

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