An Empirical Examine about the Future of Cryptocurrencies

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P. Fathima Nancy Dyana , S. Kesavan


Cryptocurrency is a virtual forex wherein transactions are proven and information maintained by way of a decentralized gadget using cryptography, instead of by way of a centralized authority. It is a digital cash which takes the form of tokens or cash and secured by means of cryptography, it isn't feasible to counterfeit or double - spend. The purpose of the existing study was to examine the nature, sorts and usefulness of Cryptocurrencies and to examine about the awareness of Cryptocurrency among the various buyers. The research has been undertaken to examine the views of the respondents on their know-how on Cryptocurrency and also about the pros and cons, demanding situations of Cryptocurrency. Cryptocurrency is in a completely unique role as a forerunner in a likely trans-formative technology to lengthy status financial structures with the aid of its very nature, it could fill gaps in contemporary monetary technology and be capable to help conventional banking problems with the aid of being a peer-to-peer gadget.

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