Evaluating the technical and social viability of Water Level Monitoring of San Jose, Camarines Sur

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Jonathan B. Paga


This paper describes the technical and social viability of water level monitoring system of San Jose, Camarines Sur.  A flood monitoring device was also developed as new proposed system for better water level monitoring management. The proposed device was also evaluated in its functionality, usability and accuracy aspects. 

The results show that the average percentage error of the water level device was 6.483% comparing the actual measurement and the measurement of the proposed device using centimeter as unit of measurement.  The functionality and usability aspects also yielded highly acceptable results having a means of 4.7 and 4.9 respectively in its IT experts’ evaluation ratings. 

This means that the proposed system will be of great help to the community and to the Local Government Unit for effective and efficient monitoring and management of water level measurement and information.

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