Effect of Training Needs Assessment on Employee Performance: A Review Perspective

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Sani Mustapha Kura , DR. Supreet Kaur


The essence of this study is to perform a systematic evaluation of the scientific literature on Training Needs Assessment (TNA). Training needs assessment, also known as training needs analysis, is a step taken before training and a component of integrated training design to obtain a comprehensive picture of the material, time allocation, and learning strategies that should be used during the training process. This evaluation of literature on needs assessment and needs analysis from the training sector compiles common methods of needs assessment within the context of the reviewed literature. The most common assessments methods are task analysis, job/process analysis, performance improvement, competency-based assessment, strategic needs assessment, and knowledge and skill assessment. The concept "performance analysis" is used in the evaluation to explain a type of needs which are the combination of needs assessment and analysis. The primary objective of this study was to appraise the influence of training needs assessment (TNA) on worker performance in an organization. Against this backdrop, this review's perspectives examined the countless progressions of recognizing the gap amid worker training and training needs to increase performance.

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