A Review - Emotional Intelligence An Important Predictor Of Leadership Potential

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*Dunstan Rajkumar. A, Nilavathy. K, Ida Merlin. J,


A leader is one who leads the people in the workplace and should have some leadership quality which is bounded by Emotional Intelligence. Emotional Intelligence is the ability of a person to control the emotion of oneself as well as the emotions of other workers in the workplace. The organisational behaviour of a leader is strongly built by his Emotional Intelligence only.The researchers in the present study have tried to review the articles related to Emotional intelligence and leadership potentials. The study strongly suggests the positive relationship between Emotional Intelligence and Leadership.More or less the study shows transformational leadership has a good connection with EI than transactional leadership.From the reviews made on the present study it is suggested that there is scope for future researchers to do an in-depth study on Emotional Intelligence and Leadership by using case studies, participant observation and group study as their method of study in the research on the topic. 

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