Influence of Self-Help Groups on the Socio-Economic Conditionsof Female Entrepreneurs in Hosur Taluk.

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B.Samundeeswari, Dr.A.DunstanRajkumar,


Women's empowerment is a task in which women defy societal and cultural norms in order to improve their lives. The persistence of women in self-help groups (SHGs) has had a tremendous impact on their social and economic empowerment. The focus of this research is on women's empowerment in Hosur throughSelf-Help Groups (SHGs). Entrepreneurship is considered to be one of the most essential components in a society's economic progress. Entrepreneurs have long been credited with helping to initiate and sustain socioeconomic progress. Women's entrepreneurship is a relatively new concept in India. Women have become more conscious of their rights and circumstances, and have pursued careers in a variety of sectors. They've established a flourishing commercial sector of their own. The proportion of women in the workforce in India is increasing as the women's proficiency rate rises. In various Indian states, rural women have benefited from the notion of Self Help Groups. It has improved not just their financial situation but also their social standing. The focus of this research is on rural women's economic empowerment and the importance of SHGs empowerment. Findings of the study show that SHG activities have a favorable impact on SHG members' economic characteristics.

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