Social Media Analytics for Businesses

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Dr. Monika Bansal, Dr. Yogieta S. Mehra, Prof. Hem Chand Jain


As we witness the current times of pandemic covid-19 across the globe, we also witness technological advancements in our daily lives and ease of operations through various media like social media platforms, high end devices (Smart Televisions, Smart phones etc.). Digitalization has changed the world and the difference is substantial from traditional ways.

Huge potential is shown by social media platforms for marketers. Advertisers can optimize this potential to understand their consumers and leverage upon. Consumers/users share their thoughts, opinions, preferences, feedback for different products/services on social media platforms freely resulting in enormous data creation. This data is known as User generated content. It can be in different forms viz., comments, opinions, reviews, images.

User generated content can be processed in the form of structured information and can give insights to both i.e., Marketers and Consumers/customers.

Current study focuses on the usage of user-generated content for marketers so that they can design their marketing strategies catering to the needs of the customers. Sentiment Analysis has been conducted on the data collected.

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