Business Analysis In The Digital Economy

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Gayratjon A. Ibragimov


The task of accelerating the development of the digital economy and creating new platforms can be solved by adopting national strategies and programs. At the same time, a comprehensive solution to the issues related to digitalization provides a basis for the efficient use of funds.

          Digitalization needs to be encouraged both by supporting the ICT sector and networks that use digital solutions. Digitalization using financial instruments should be the main direction, focusing on national programs to support small and medium enterprises. At the same time, the widespread use of mixed public and private financing systems as a critical principle of innovation policy will encourage the commercialization of digital developments based on project selection.

          The use of digital technology in the business analysis involves two tasks. The first is the introduction of digital technology analysis of business activities in business entities. The second task is to adapt the information obtained through digital technologies in accounting and reporting.

          It is planned to develop a methodology for teaching students modern knowledge, skills and competencies in the use of digital technologies in business analysis by teaching the theoretical, methodological, organizational and practical bases of analysis in the course of teaching "Digital technologies in business analysis" by the Department of "Economic Analysis" of Tashkent Institute of Finance.

          Information-analytical systems and their functional, structural features are revealed through the use of digital business analysis methods. The use of particular digital technologies for analysis to ensure digital information storage is the next step in studying science.            

         The study of digital systems facilitates the learning of software tools used to apply business analysis techniques. The possibilities of business analysis software, analytical modules in integrated financial information systems are studied as a separate topic. It covers everything from studying separate analytical modules in accounting information systems to applying analytical functions embedded in financial information systems.


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